Health Check &
Compliance Audit

Conducting a compliance check against industry standard ISO 27001 security frameworks and against the DPA 2018 (GDPR), you can determine where you are doing well, and which areas might need attention.

We have levels for all sizes and maturity of organisations. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Why You Need a Health Check!

Business that conduct regular audits pay less on compliance than those that don't. That may sound counter-intuitive, but an efficient compliance programme is more cost-effective than one that is reactive.

Then there is the cost of non-compliance, which includes potential fines and cost associated with incidents, data loss, compensation, and getting your business back to standard operations. The cost of non-compliance differs from industry to industry, but all studies conclusively show that whatever industry you operate in, the cost of doing nothing is far more than investing in a compliance and security programme.

Service Levels

Of course each business will be on a different stage of the journey, so the first step is knowing actually how far along you are. This is what the health check from UKGDPR is for. Depending on the size, maturity, and industry, we have three levels that will suit most companies.

Gold - £Call

You may have accomplished a number of initiatives, but still have concerns that you have gaps where you are not certain of your level of compliance, potentially leaving you open to unknown risks in the case of a breach or audit.

A comprehensive review by UKGDPR will cover everything in the lower levels, plus;


A detailed report showing all areas covered with their maturity level, including an Executive Summary for the board, which can also be delivered by UKGDPR consultants.

Silver - £4,950

At this level, a comprehensive paper based review, and number of telephone interviews and questionnaires are used to collect a full picture of not just what you have in place, but what is actually being used and is effective.


A full report identifying your current maturity level, and containing detailed recommendations, including an Executive Summary for the Board

Bronze - £1,450

For smaller organisations that do a lot of the internal work themselves, this level gives insights into their level of compliance and maturity using electronic questionnaires that are manually assessed by UKGDPR.


A report showing your maturity level against the fundamental compliance controls. GAP analysis and recommendations

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