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The Information Commissions Office (ICO) has made it clear they see training as central to any GDPR compliance programme.

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A good training programme is an effective one, and to be effective, it must be pervasive, practical and ongoing. A single training course for the whole company does not work, because different roles demand different types and levels of knowledge.

While the general ‘awareness’ level of training is often best satisfied using online video courses, training internal Subject Matter Experts and Data Asset Managers is more complex since they have more responsibilities, and thus require a greater level of understanding the detail.

Managers and Board Directors are ultimately accountable and in the event of a breach, will need to be prepared to respond effectively and correctly.

UKGDPR addresses these requirements with classroom-based training of SME’s and DAM’s, taking through the specific detail of the regulation that they need to know, including understanding the nuances around the lawful basis of processing, their role and responsibilities, and how to conduct DPIA’s.

Managers or Directors tasked with the responsibility to action the event of a breach should have always practiced and trained to respond effectively. UKGDPR runs table top workshops custom made to reflect the organisations unique threats and concerns.

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